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KTK-Nutrition : Antioxidants and good health

Who isn’t interested in upping their immune system and boosting their health during this COVID-19 pandemic?  One way to do so is to boost your intake of foods rich in…

KTK-Nutrition : Eating for healthy skin

Are there foods that promote healthier skin?  Students in my class often ask what foods they can eat for healthier skin.  As it turns out there are lots of foods…

How drinking lemon water can help your health

Most people know about the recommendation of drinking 8 glasses of water a day.  But, it doesn’t have to be plain water to benefit your health.  This summer, add some…

June News, Events and Resources in Nutrition, Food, and Health

Current News, Resources, and Events in Nutrition, Food, Health, Environment, Safety, and Disability Rights. Encourages awareness and inspires ideas for Journalists, Educators, Consumers, and Health Professionals. Wellness News is updated…

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